Wedge clams

Donax trunculus

Wedge clams

  • Scientific name: Donax trunculus
  • Sales name: Telline

The mollusc Donax trunculus, commonly known as wedge clam although not belonging to the genus of the same name, is a bivalve mollusc of the Donacidae family. It is a bivalve mollusc with a triangular shape, with wide and short rounded valves; it is white with ocher-brown-reddish shades. In Italy the collection of this mollusc is commonly practiced. Professional harvesting is carried out using a tool called a “rake boat”, similar to that used for clam fishing, which is towed by boats. Manual harvesting takes place through a tool mainly composed of a sieve which collects the wedge clams and separates them from the sand. This instrument is operated by means of a band around the waist which serves to move it horizontally and by a long handle which protrudes from the water. The handle allows the sieve to catch the sand to be sifted and prevent it from remaining on top.

Technical details
Origin France, Greece, Italy, Spain
Fishing season fishing is done all year round
Fishing gear with rake or sieve
Packaging 1, 2, 3 kg net
Commercial size 2 cm
Storage temperature between +2° and +6° C for live and viable product.
Microbiological and Biotoxicological Values

Chemical parameters provided for by Reg. (EC) 1881/06

Lead 1.5 mg/kg fresh weight
Cadmium 1 mg/kg fresh weight
Mercury 0.5 mg/kg fresh weight

Biotoxicological parameters provided for by Reg. (EC) 853/04

PSP (Paralytic Shellfish Poison) 800 µg/kg
ASP (Amnesic Shellfish Poison) 20 mg/kg of Domoic acid
Ac. Okadaico, dinophysis toxins and pectenotoxins 160 µg of Okadaic acid equivalents/kg
Yessotoxins 3.75 mg of Yessotoxins equivalents/kg
Azaspiracids 160 µg of Azaspiracid equivalents/kg

Microbiological parameters provided for by Reg. (EC) 2073/05:

E. coli n=5 c=1 m=230 MPN/100g M=700 MPN/100g
Salmonella absent in 25 g
Organoleptic Properties

Bouquet: characteristic marine
Appearance: regular without epibondi
Colour: white with ochre/brown-reddish shades
Taste: delicate marine taste

Nutritional Values (per 100 grams of product)*

Energy value: 72.7 kcal
Proteins: 10.6 g
Carbohydrates: 2.4 g
Fats: 2.3 g
*Biological values

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