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The Co.pe.Mo. is a cooperative founded in 1973 by a group of twenty small-scale fishermen from Ancona, who still form the basis and active part of the cooperative.

Created to protect the mussels fished by its members from a qualitative, sanitary and commercial point of view, the activity has evolved by including other species to be treated and sold, such as clams and changeable nassa, becoming a reference point for all Italian fisheries cooperation.

Currently Copemo provides for the sale of shellfish collected by its members and purchased partly from the catch of dredgers and some small fishing operators, and partly imported from abroad, providing its customers with high quality products and an efficient and accurate service.

Copemo’s main activity is the marketing of shellfish harvested by its members, in particular clams, mussels and changeable nassa.


Co.Pe.Mo’s workforce consists of real experts in the industry.
Their professionalism, constantly updated, is representative of the reliability of the Cooperative and is a guarantee of quality for its customers.

The quality of our products

Consumer protection is ensured by strict compliance with the highest standards of quality and hygiene in all segments of our production chain.

A story told by the sea

Co.Pe.Mo. has established itself over the years as a leader in the marketing of all kinds of seafood both within Italy and in Spain, France, Germany, Greece and Croatia thanks to the commitment of its members as they constantly strive to maintain the highest quality standards.

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To get more information, welcome to contact us at any time. We are here to answer all your questions and requests, and your opinion is of great value to us.

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