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From the sea to the table, step by step

The processing is divided into three steps: screening, sorting/sorting and packaging. An automated process and through screening, the non-compliant product is eliminated.

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The middle Adriatic has always been an extremely fruitful basin for the collection of bivalve molluscs and in particular clams (Chamelea gallina). This is where 90% of the products sold by Co.Pe.Mo come from. There are also numerous commercial channels with foreign countries, in particular with Spain for the Galician mussel, Holland for the bamboo clam and France for the valuable oysters.

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Arrival of the product

Co.Pe.Mo. purchases its products directly from the fishermen members of the cooperative, or from qualified external suppliers. Once transported by refrigerated means, the molluscs are stored in cold rooms and then processed/packaged or transferred to the purification plant if necessary.

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Co.Pe.Mo. has a purification system consisting of three closed-loop systems. In each purification room there are 18 showers (two of which are used as biological filters) and under each shower there are 4 bins for a total purification capacity of 16 tons of shellfish plant. The molluscs remain in the purification tanks for a variable period ranging from a minimum of 4 hours for finishing processes up to 18 hours or more for purification.

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The manufacturing process is divided into three stages:

  • Screening
  • Selection/sorting
  • Packaging

A highly automated process that allows the elimination of non-compliant product before it is packaged (undercutting, foreign matter, broken).
Then we move on to the visual inspection by the sorters, who perfect the work of the screens thanks to their great experience.

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The final part of the processing line is packed in different sizes according to commercial requirements. Packaging can be done in polyethylene mesh or polypropylene tray if it is vacuum product. All packages are then labelled according to current legislation.

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Co.Pe.Mo. delivery both in Italy and in Europe (Spain, Portugal) and uses both owned vehicles and highly qualified drivers for refrigerated shipments.

Our products

Co.Pe.Mo. mainly deals with the sale of shellfish harvested by its members. Clams, mussels, changeable nassa and much more. It also provides for the marketing of dredgers and small-scale fishermen.

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