Our history

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Who we are

The group of twenty small fishermen in Ancona who founded Co.Pe.Mo. in 1973 still constitute the membership base and the active part of the cooperative.

Born out of the need for its members to protect mussels, ensuring they fulfil the correct quality, hygiene and commercial standards, its activities have evolved rapidly. Now it covers other species from the Marche Region such as clams and sea snails, becoming a point of reference for all Italian fishing cooperatives.

From its own premises, Co.Pe.Mo. currently sells products partly purchased from the fish market, including those caught by dredgers and some small fishermen, and partly imported from abroad, providing its customers with high quality products and an efficient and accurate service.

The main activity of Co.Pe.Mo. is the marketing of molluscs collected by its own members, in particular clams, mussels and sea snails.



Co.Pe.Mo’s workforce consists of real experts in the industry.
Their professionalism, which is continuously improving, represents the Cooperative’s reliability and guarantees quality to its customers.



Consumer protection, especially food safety, is ensured by strict compliance with the highest standards of quality and hygiene in all the segments of the production chain.


P. Iva : IT00215860420

Via Einaudi, 10 - 60125 ANCONA
Tel.: 071.204374 | Email: info@copemo.191.it

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